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Buffalo Meat- a clean healthy source of protein

Grass fed Bison Meat direct fom the buffalo producerBuffalo roam the prairies again like they did centuries ago. Now you can order grass fed buffalo meat raised by family bison producers for a clean source of protein. Although we retired from the meat business ourselves, we recommend you order bison meat online from Northstar Bison, and this “taste of the prairie” will come right to your front door for you to enjoy too.

Just like beef, there are all cuts of buffalo meat available from buffalo burger patties, bison steaks, specialty cuts, like buffalo roasts, bison stew meat or buffalo ribs.

Buffalo Meat Recipes- and cooking tips too

Browse through my Linda’s Buffalo Recipes website for all kinds of recipes featuring bison meat and cooking tips too. My white buffalo chili recipe won a contest, and my bison meat loaf is a family favorite when cooking with buffalo meat.

Stories of the Prairie

Bison calves starting to turn colors

Are you curious of how the Kansas prairie changed in the 1800s? Enjoy my books and blog about the Swedish immigrants that settled on the Kansas prairies before and after the Civil War.

Past and Present of the Buffalo

Homesteading the Great Plains changed the life of the buffalo, but they are back again on the  prairie, thanks to bison producers and YOUR interest in the majestic buffalo.

Please enjoy this website and thank you for ordering from the bison producers we support and recommend.