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Linda Hubalek

Linda Hubalek

Hello! I’m Linda Hubalek, owner of BisonFarm.com. I grew up on a farm, and have always been involved in agriculture. Since 1996 I’ve been back to where my ancestors homesteaded, writing books about how they homesteaded the prairie.

For over a decade my husband and I have raised bison on the land where the buffalo roamed before the settlers arrived to claim it. And just like the Native Americans who first lived in this area, we utilize the American Plains bison for our food.

Please look around our website to find sources of buffalo meat, bison jerky and summer sausages that can be shipped right to your door.

Its Past: Homesteaded on the Prairie

1880s tinted photo of Kaja Runeberg's farmCenturies ago, buffalo and Native Americans passed over our family’s land on their way down to the Smoky Hill River. Then the area was homesteaded in the late 1860s by Swedish immigrant families. To tell the homesteaders point of view, I’ve written several books about the Kansas pioneers that settled this area, and you can read more about them through my author website.

My Butter in the Well book series tells the story of the original family that homesteaded the farm in 1869 (where I grew up), and the lifetime work it took to establish the farm. My two other book series, Trail of Thread and Planting Dreams, tell how my father’s and my mother’s ancestors homesteaded on other Kansas farms in the 1800′s.

My stories are also posted in my blog, so please enjoy my writings about the Kansas prairie seasons and inhabitants- past and present.

Its Present: Buffalo are Roaming Kansas again

Smoky Hill Bison buffalo bullSo today the buffalo are back on the land enjoying life where they once grazed.

Please browse through the website sections and links to learn about the bison products we recommend. We appreciate your supporting both family agriculture and the American Buffalo.